Courtney Martin


Everyday Bowl. Courtney Martin, Courtney Martin Pottery. 2014.


Luncheon Plate. Michael Kline, Kline Pottery. 2011.

Maker/Collector Statement

I chose these simple pots (Everday Bowl and Luncheon Plate) because of their everyday elegance.

Michael Kline has long influenced me, and I was lucky to work with him in an apprentice-like relationship back in 2003 and 2004. While working with Michael, I learned to decorate pottery.

Of course, my work looked very different then, but I learned about dividing up space, and integrating how the kiln affects the patterns and surfaces.  

Michael has since remained a good friend to me and my family, and because we work in similar ways and with similar kilns, he continues to be part of my work and my creative process.

Courtney Martin