Jennifer Mecca


Square Vase. Jennifer Mecca, Jennifer Mecca Pottery. 2014.


Chicken Bank. Brad Tucker, Brad Tucker Pottery. 1994.

Maker/Collector Statement

I have recently started adding more surface techniques to my larger pieces. (Square Vase) I enjoy highly decorated things like furniture, fabric, paintings - surfaces of all kinds. As long as I have been making work, I’ve tried to tone down my surfaces, but at this stage in my career, I’ve decided that for me, more is good!

Brad Tucker is one of the best potters I know. He makes lovely forms and, quite the opposite of mine, his pieces need no decoration. This fun piece is unique for Brad. I was given this piece (Chicken Bank) while working at Cedar Creek Gallery way before I even decided to be a potter. Owning several of Brad’s utilitarian pots, having this less useful piece reminds me to always value other forms and ideas.

Jennifer Mecca