Kate Johnston


Lotus Jar. Kate Johnston, Kate Johnston Pottery. 2015.


Artillery Shell. Terry Childress. 2009.

Lotus Jar is a quality example of my intricately carved patterns inspired by Art Deco design. The large pot acts as an ample canvas, allowing the surface design to take full form and interact with the formal elements of the vessel. The lotus and leaf pattern expands and contracts, fitting the form of the pot, accentuating curves.

Historical reference is an important element in my work, and my pots feature historically rooted forms and motifs. I chose Terry Childress’s Artillery Shell for its significant use of historical references, specifically unexploded ordinances still in South East Asia. This Vietnam era artillery shell is an impeccable example of ceramic trompe-l’œil. It surprises and occasionally frightens visitors who come across it unexpectedly in our yard.  

Kate Johnston