Melisa Cadell


She Was Present. Melisa Cadell, Melisa Cadell Ceramics. 2014.


Vase. Jane Peiser, Jane Peiser Pottery. 2004.

Maker/Collector Statement

Jane Peiser's work is highly significant to me. This delightful Vase was given to me by my husband for our first anniversary. 

I admire her continued commitment to make the work she wants to make. Her narratives speak to her audience with the voice of a woman, with Jane’s voice. She is an inspiration to me. 

My piece, She Was Present, is about being present as a woman. There are still those who do not appreciate the strength and determination it takes to be an independent thinking individual with dreams and aspirations… to speak with one’s own voice, but it does matter. 

The open cavities allude to the woman as a vessel, a vessel that offers wisdom and comfort, not to be confused with a mere object to be owned or ignored.

Melisa Cadell