Naomi Dalglish


Rooster. Naomi Dalglish, Bandana Pottery. 2014.


Village Sculpture. Hyang Jong Oh. 2006.

Maker/Collector Statement

I have been making figurative sculptures inspired by Haniwa and Pre-Colombian figures for over 15 years. I love the quiet, but powerful, energy emanating from their hollow depths. 

A contemporary potter that has also influenced me is Korean Onggi potter Hyang Jong Oh. I’ve had the pleasure of working with him twice for an extended period of time, once for a month in our North Carolina studio, and once for five weeks in his studio in Korea. One particular moment of our time together sticks out in my mind; we were pugging hundreds of pounds of clay in his studio, and somehow as a game, we began furiously forming animals and faces with each fistful of clay before throwing it into the hopper every few seconds. There was so much freedom, fun, and "clay-ful" expressiveness in those forms that we threw away. I love that this Village Sculpture of Mr. Oh’s retains that kind of energy, from the vigorous hand marks that formed the main body to the small, almost casual pinches that formed the figures. I also am interested in maintaining that raw quality of a form being playfully squeezed from clay, and I like that my Rooster is heading in that direction.

Naomi Dalglish