Phil Pollet


Vessel, Hanarie. Phil Pollet, Old Gap Pottery. 1990s.


Funerary Ritual Food Storage Jar. Artist unknown. Eastern Han Dynasty, 25-220 A.D.

Maker/Collector Statement

In fairly different ways, these 2 pots (Funerary Ritual Food Storage Jar & Vessel, Hanarie) made 500 years & half a world apart are related by an Asian aesthetic philosophy that has growing Western appeal. They express beauty from the simple more rustic side of nature as seen in: irregular, imperfectly asymmetric shapes/ the feel of texture, volume & weight / visual movement of subtle, uneven glaze & raw clay.

If you look patiently & think openly, each of these pots may stimulate your senses in a calming way & kindle your imagination. They invite you to experience sharing "Here & Now" freshness blending with eternal timeless qualities.

Phil Pollet