Tammy Leigh Brooks


Queen of the Universe. Tammy Leigh Brooks. 2008.


Rattlesnake on Green Swirl Jug. Don Craig. 2007.

Maker/Collector Statement

Once upon a time, over a decade ago, I was introduced to Don Craig. It was 2004, Burlon had passed, and we started dating for a couple of years. 

Although I had no desire to be a "traditional" potter, it was great to be surrounded by it. I specifically admired Don's highly-detailed work, as seen in this signature Rattlesnake Swirl Jug.

Loving detail in my own work, the Queen of the Universe is my personal version of a face jug. Her face was formed with a slab pressed into my own plaster "life mask," then incorporated into the coil built bust. Albeit shrunken, you may notice a resemblance.   

Tammy Leigh Brooks