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Footed bowl form having a clear base glaze with orange spotting and a cobalt dipped rim and cobalt accents.

Double-dipped aqua blue glazed candle holder/wall pocket. Red reduction where glazed merge. Two holes in back for wall attachment.
Jug form, half cut away, candle holder inside, no handle.
Unique mark. Similar to second stamped mark used by North…

A set of seven mugs and seven saucer.s Cup is rounded mug with single strap handle, clear glaze on bottom half, dark brown on top half.
Saucers are curve up to the lip, and the color matches the glaze on the cups.

Double-dipped medium blue low footed bowl with flaring rim.

Framed photograph of The Medal of Award, Sesqui-Centennial International Exposition, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Double dipped hurricane lantern with chinese blue reduction glaze, and a deeper aqua drip glaze over opaque blue with red reduction.

Jug form with one side cut away, two holes in opposite side for wall hanging, candle holder inside.

Small salt glaze jug with 2 inch area of light cobalt accent to shoulder. Typical rim and pulled handle.

Double-dipped aqua over beige/brown tall neck single handle jug.

Matte green single handle small jug. Double dipped glaze lighter green over medium green.

Single handle aqua blue double dipped sheet jug
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