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Trophy-style two-handle vase having a thick cobalt crackle glaze to one side and thinner blue glaze on opposite side.

Double dipped aqua blue glaze vase. Two opposing handles and slightly footed base. Thick gaze runs where second dip transitions at shoulder. Amphora shape.

Tall vase. Double-dipped cream over oxblood vase.

Three handled vase. Double-dipped. Top half is light green glaze, bottom half is darker green with spots of clear glaze.

Mirror black glaze bulbous vase with shallow flared rim.

Tall broad footed flare rim vase. Double-dipped turquoise glaze with ox-blood reduction around top rim and edges of runs along side.

Cobalt over stoneware two handle vase. Cobalt glaze has a variegated and opaque textured surface. Two opposing handles terminate into top rim. Tapered base.

Jade green crackle glaze vase with areas of red reduction. Two opposing strap handles attaching at flared neck. Glaze looks like batik or striations of geometric pattern. Amphora form.

Two-Handle low vase with top rim and handles having heavy concentrations of ox-blood reduction and aqua accents. #1254 on bottom in ink. Crackle and spider-web. Handles attached just below rim to shoulder on opposite sides of pot glaze.

Two-handle short vase having an aqua blue-green variegated glaze with copper colored interior glaze.
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