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Five matching coffee mugs marked A. R. Cole Pottery. Crystal green mistake glaze (brown in color)

Small vase with fluted rim. Turquoise glaze. Ink-stamped with Rainbow Pottery mark on base.

Tall vase with thin neck. Oxblood/green/orange glaze.

Clear glazed chicken figural with cobalt glaze on the head and the tip of the tail. No wings on figural.

Oversized cup and saucer.Crystal green glaze. Unglazed bottoms. Cup has one handle.

Turkish decorative plate. White unglazed plate with black ink drawings. Partially painted in with orange and green.
From flyer:
"Turkish Master Potters will be in the USA for the Smithsonian's Folklife Festival in Washington, D.C. They will visit…

Vase with carved trees

Lead-glazed earthenware dish. Stamped in cavetto: A. F. LOY. Letters E H scratched on bottom (for owner Elsie Holt)

Note taped on bottom reads:
"Bought at auction sale of Elsie Holt, widow of Lonnie Holt, near intersection of hwy. 49 S. and Mt.…

Face jug on swirlware body. White and clear glazed vase. Face jug complete with mouth, lips, teeth, nose, ears, eyebrows, and eyes. Pupils of eyes are blue. Two handles.

Alkaline Glazed swirlware stoneware chicken sculpture.
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