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Red painted face jug. Devil face (curling horns, black goatee). One handle on back of jug spout.

Albany slip glazed four gallon churn with lid and dasher. Stamped BROWN/POTTERY/4 on shoulder

Interior of pan is glazed brown. Exterior of pan is unglazed. Entire lid is unglazed.

Strawberry planter. White paint on exterior. Brown Pottery/Handmade on base

Bowl with two horizontal handles and lid. Exterior of bowl is unglazed, interior is brown glazed. Exterior of lid is brown glazed, interior of lid is unglazed.

Stamp on side reads "Brown's Pottery Arden N.C. 44"

Low bowl with two small handles on opposite sides. Interior of bowl and .5 inches of exterior ob bowl are glazed brown. Bottom of bowl is slightly rounded.
Stamp on bottom reads:
"Brown's Pottery Arden N.C. 211"

Blue pitcher with one handle. Double-dipped. Inscribed on base: Brown/Pottery/Arden, N.C./C-91

Brown glazed mug. One handle. Brown Pottery/Hand-Made/Arden, N.C. on base

Small jug, clear glaze. One handle. Brown Pottery/Handmade/Arden, N.C. on base

Small vase has numerous ribs or ridges. Vase is partially decorated with brown glaze. Unglazed apart from that. Stamped on base: Brown Pottery/Handmade/Arden, N.C.
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