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Turquoise glazed face jug artistic piece mistakenly attached to jar. One of the face jug's noses has fallen off, and the other face jug's nose is half-detached.

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Half of a broken milk crock, with a large chunk of stoneware attached to the bottom. Alkaline glazed.

Salt-glaze stoneware mug error. Piece of stoneware sticking out out exterior side (so that the mug cannot sit flat). Large block of stoneware resting on interior bottom as well.

Two salt-glaze stoneware mugs mistakenly attached together. The intended glazes appeared to be turquoise and green.

Two salt-glaze stoneware mugs mistakenly attached together. One of the mugs appears to have had a piece fall into it from above, causing one mug to tilt into the second. Tilted mug's handle is broken off.

Clear and blue glazed pinch bottle with 15 pebbles attached to the side.
From exhibit label:
"Kim Ellington has recently constructed a modified groundhog kiln, with openings in the arch for side stoking along the upper end near the chimney. When…
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