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Brown glazed stoneware face jug. One large drop of blue glaze running down the front of the face, and off one side of the mustache, as well as two other drops of blue glaze running down back of jug.

Mouth and mustache are tilted sideways, as if…

Red painted face jug. Devil face (curling horns, black goatee). One handle on back of jug spout.

Face jug. Mixed glazes. Brown, green, and yellow glazes. One blue tear is coming out of the corner of one eye.

Alkaline glazed stoneware face jug. The eyes have extended black pupils, face appears to be screaming. On spout is stamped "SEA 1.C"

Alkaline glazed swirlware stoneware face jug. Three white teeth, one blue tooth. Large eyes.

Alkaline glazed stoneware face jug. Blue glazed pupils and tears. Snake wrapping around spout.

Clear glazed earthenware face jug. Four white teeth (appear to be broken pieces of pottery).

Brown glazed face jug with three handles. Two handles on opposing sides (also appear as ears for the face), and one handle in the top back attached to the spout.

Both eyes and all seven teeth are white. Teeth appear to be broken pieces of white…

Turquoise glazed face jug artistic piece mistakenly attached to jar. One of the face jug's noses has fallen off, and the other face jug's nose is half-detached.

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Glazed face jug with pointed ears, pointed teeth, and horns. Appears to be a devil/demon face.
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