Kent McLaughlin


Roped Jar with Shino Glaze. Kent McLaughlin, Fork Mountain Pottery. 2002.


Altered Vase Form. Warren MacKenzie, Warren MacKenzie Pottery. 1982.

Maker/Collector Statement

I saw Warren MacKenzie make this Altered Vase Form in the late '70s at a workshop I attended. He approached the throwing process very casually and relaxed as he carried on conversations with the audience.

This piece has always signified the idea that at one time the clay was a soft material and it retains a liveliness and vitality after being fired. It's something I consider and make attempts at with my work.

This Roped Jar with Shino Glaze is the only pot I kept from what was not a particularly good firing. It is a good reminder for me that sometimes I need to wait before a determination is made about a piece whether it's acceptable or not.

As I lived with this pot, my interest grew about Shino glazes and today I am fascinated by this family of glazes.

Kent McLaughlin