Michael Ball


15th Anniversary Jug. Michael Ball, Michael Ball Pottery. 2015.


Five Gallon Churn. Burlon Craig. Pre-WWII.

Maker/Collector Statement

Cinder glazed and likely made by Burlon Craig at the Reinhardt Pottery, this Five Gallon Churn was the first piece of Catawba Valley pottery I owned. I bought it from David Springs in 1999 for ten dollars. When I took this pot home, the tradition of Catawba Valley pottery felt more accessible to me. 

I don't keep many pots I make.  I rarely display my pottery around the house. I am happiest making pottery. The 15th Anniversary Jug I made is from my last firing. I was making miniatures and five gallon jugs at the same time. I walked two miles in the snow to decorate it. Sometimes I see my pottery in collections and remember the day or circumstance it was made in. They are my travelers.

Michael Ball